Thursday, July 28, 2011


Jul 28th 2011, 23:54 by E O Hatterpol | 1228 AU FROM SUN

FEMALE gymnasts sprang into action.  Heartbreak raised both his bulbous fists.  I held my breath.

What happened next would have been unbelievable if something still more preposterous hadn't happened right in the middle of it.

Fearsome, muscular, determined female gymnasts flew into the air.  They kicked up chalk that was white and dusty and smelled of soaked-up sweat and old skin flakes that had fallen off during gymnastic routines.  The talc made your skin feel softer but your tongue dirtier, like you wanted to wash it out but hadn't anything with to swish.  They thocked pommel horses rudely with their open palms, and hup!'d off their modern vaulting tables and exploded "kurrrAH!" when they stuck a vicious flight of disorienting twists in the air, stretching up to full length with arms raised just like Heartbreak's bulbous fists.

Then one of them gaffed goofily.  She clung tightly to the lower of the uneven bars, then swung mightily up to the upper, but missed sorely her target and ended up falling dumbly like the letter X straight into the floor mat, mouth wide open.  Heartbreak's bulbous fists dropped slowly; his mouth went agape.  He tsked crossly, rolling his eyes, then strode angrily over.

"What's wrong with you, girl?" he demanded threateningly.  Then he looked around tempestuously; winds gathered ominously around his right arm.  "I'll have to whip ALL of you into shape tonight!  Late night practice - like the Japanese women's soccer team that just won the World Cup!" 

That struck me as strange, so I pushed my head back in confusion, but then my head nodded violently forwards, and that struck me as strange.

Another whack on my left hand put me on red alert.

"Double-bounce this, punk!"

The Starbase policeman whacked me in my bad ribs just as I turned around to see who was there.  I bent over and held them, grimacing, but let go soon after when he used his nightstick to uppercut me ruthlessly in the face.  I flew through the air and onto my back, landing with a PAFF!

He snatched a pair of metal handcuffs rudely from his black utility belt, eyes wide with wildness.  He brandished his black baton over his policeman's cap, and smiled.  And just before he moved to strike, he said:

"E O Hatterpol, you're under arrest for the murder of a young woman and the possible murders of 48 others!!"

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  1. This one didn't seem to make it to f-book, so I'll like it here!