Friday, June 17, 2011


Jun 17th 2011, 08:21 by E O Hatterpol | 1228 AU FROM SUN

FIVE planets, three dwarf planets, forty pirate ships, twelve asteroid tanks, seventeen killer whales, one insanely evil salty space pirate and 114,149,830,000 miles later, we've made it to Starbase Octopus!

After a traumatic pit stop in the Kuiper Belt, I'm looking forward to some R&R.  There's only one problem: I have NO idea what's on Starbase Octopus or how to get there.

That's why I need your help, Flybrarians!  If you're reading this post and it's still 17 June 2011, set a course for Twitter to help me explore!  YOU get to tell ME what's on Starbase Octopus and anything goes - ANYTHING.  Here's a sample list of areas of interest built by other Flybrarians who are already following me on Twitter:

- Gigantic underground aquarium [@squishsquabble]
- Trampoline room with velcro walls
- Bounty hunter offices [Win Stewart via Facebook]
- A retail shop called "Asteroid's Belts", run by retired military war hero General Alistair Asteroid [My #MerchQueen @KillitCoco]
- Turkish baths [@AndrewW85]
- Underground lagoon with mood lighting & space mermaids [@MrsPang80]
- The Octoplex, a theatre with eight 3D IMAX screens [My #MerchQueen @KillitCoco]
- Old Time Barbershop with mustachioed barbers & "those chairs that recline" [@AChuzzlewit]
- Elaborate gymnasium exclusively for female gymnasts (I have an irrational fear of female gymnasts. Not too pumped about this one) [@squishsquabble]
- All-you-can-eat sushi with tater tots [@annageletka]
- Saunas [@JPesonen]
- Deep Space Observation Deck (DSOD) [@JPesonen]
- Lovers' Tunnel [@JPesonen]
- Astro Cat's Kitchen [@EmilyNeifeld]
- Alien "skrippas" [@mcaflo]
- Laser tag [@mcaflo]
- "Wacky Tobaccy" Hookah Bar [@DevonPelto]
- Calamari Casinos
- Bocce ball beach area [Colonel Condor himself!!, @CondorCP]
- StarLight Espresso Bar [Colonel Condor himself!!, @CondorCP]
- Spatnik, the Serenity Star Spa [My #MerchQueen @KillitCoco via Facebook]
- Arcades, bars & repair facilities [Win Stewart via Facebook]
- "The Eight Arms", a bounty hunter's guild [My #MerchQueen @KillitCoco via Facebook]


- "The Octopus Beak", a seafood restaurant with calamari [@squishsquabble]
- Space Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA); just try to resist cute alien puppy eyes! [@mcaflo]
- #MBQ LOUNGE OF DEATH [@EOHatterpol, entirely by accident. Thanks to @squishsquabble & @MoriahWalton for getting me out of that sticky mess! I don't want any more samurai sword ceiling fans in my life, y'all.]
- The Muffinery [@MrsPang80]

Bream aboard Starbase Octopus and help me explore all day on Twitter!  Today is our first official "Tweet Your Own Adventure" day on E O Hatterpol!  Be sure to tag your tweets "#TYOA #StarbaseOctopus". Then I'll know you're adventuring right alongside me!

See you at Starbase Octopus, cheers & huzzah!


  1. Be sure to get by the StarLight Espresso Bar in the morning. Interested to see how their lattes compare to those on Earth.....CC

  2. SURE thing, Colonel! I'll pop by & grab some jet fuel with you post-haste.